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April 27th is a big day for the Zombs!

We got the hard tickets in the mail yesterday, so now it’s official: to celebrate the release of Crystal Heart Remixed (including the club mix and remixes by Statickman and Alden F), we’re playing a live PA at the House of Blues that same night as part of the Pirate’s Booty Ball.

We’re still a bit light on details, but the show starts at 7pm, and we will be going on sometime after 9. Get a hold of me for tickets:

New date: Sunday April 28th @ Carlsbad Flower Fields

I’ll be adding this to SongKick tonight (if I can get it to recognize flower fields as a venue), but I thought I’d mention it here too.

Riffs Acoustic Music is holding their first ever Flower Day event at the Carlsbad Flower Fields on Sunday April 28th. I’ll be playing a short live PA set at noon (sans vocalists) of mostly unreleased deeper cuts when I’m not frolicking amongst the beauty and taking yoga classes.

You can get tickets here.

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